Weston Nurseries Site Hopkinton, Ma

Weston Nurseries comprises +/- 700 acres of land (more than 5% of the total land area of Hopkinton). For the last several years the owners of the property have been investigating ways to extract value from the land to enable the business to re-invent itself for the next generation of the family. Most recently, there has appeared in the marketplace an offering of 615 acres of nursery property for sale.

This offering presents Hopkinton with an enormous opportunities and challenges. What and how much should be developed? Which areas should be preserved? What is the right development? What are the pros and cons of the possible uses and the future costs associated with it?

Due to the size, location and landmark significance of the Weston Nurseries property, the Town wishes to identify and explore all commercially reasonable means to acquire the Site, including but not limited to an outright purchase by the Town or formal or informal partnerships with developers, land conservation groups, and other interested organizations.

During the course the class worked with the Town of Hopkinton Land Use Study Committee to analyze, evaluate and develop site planning scenarios for the site in accordance with local objectives.


Final Proposals

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Site and Landscape Planning
Instructor: Eran Ben-Joseph