Eran Ben Joseph, Professor MIT
Deborah Morris, Teaching Assistant, MIT
Other Instructors:
Adèle Naudé Santos, Dean MIT
Shun Kanda, Professor MIT
Andrew Scott, Professor MIT
Sarah Snider, Teaching Assistant, MIT

Benjamin Brandin
Gates Gooding
Debmalya Guha
Chris Horne
Eirini Kasioumi
Alex Keating
Christina Markel
Sole Mendez
Kristal Peters
Cristina Ungureanu

Sekisui House Studio Team:
Kenta Konishi, AJDW Architecture
Kazuki Ichikawa, AJDW Architecture
Kazuhiro Teranishi, AJDW Engineering

Sekisui House Staff:
Kazu Yoshimitsu, Vice President
Tetsuo Iku, Managing Director
Shinichi Doi, Director for MIT AJDW
Shima Kanno, Manager, Architecture
Hironori Fujiwara, Manager, Civil Engineering
Takahide Ono, Manager Architecture
Hitoshi Tominaga, Chief Landscape Architect
Kaori Miura, AJDW Architecture
Makoto Ochiai, AJDW Architecture

Our thanks to the members of Shun Kanda’s Architecture Studio. Their diligent work, in parallel and in collaboration with our own, helped us redefine our understanding of planning methods.

A special thanks to Sekisui House. Their generous support and hospitatlity has made this project possible.

For general information about the project contact:

Department of Urban Studies and Planning
Professor Eran Ben-Joseph
Room 10-485
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel : 617-253-7305