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11.522: Research Seminar on Urban Information Systems (2014)

PAST SEMESTER - Presentation Schedule (Fall, 2014)

Class will generally meet Monday, 7:05 - 9:00 PM in Room 9-451. Guest speakers will present either during the Monday evening slot or occassionally during other time slots (most likely lunchtime and, on occasion, during the Fall 2014 PhD workshop, Wed., 12:30 - 2:00, in the same room):

This list of 11.522 presentations will be updated as student-led sessions are scheduled. Note: Some of these web links are not world readable so browser access is 'forbidden.' Restricted access materials are available on the class Stellar site: Alternatively, to access them from machines supporting AFS, you need to be on the 11.522 mailing list and use your MIT email ID together with OpenAFS or sftp. Note that the course homepage: is the same location as: \\afs\\course\11\11.522\www

  • Discussion of JAPA article: Echinique, et al., "Growing Cities Sustainably: Does Urban Form Really matter?" JAPA, Vol. 78:2 (2012), :pp 121-137. )
    • Related discussion on PLANET listserv for Planning Academics
    • See web links from the 11.522 'Resources' webpage
  • Extension of bank loan spreadsheet for 'population projection,' and 'Lowry' urban model
  • no class - Holiday


  • Student-led discussion, part 1: Marcel Williams
    • Topic Brief:: The Connection between the Built Environment and Travel Patterns
    • Articles to read (see: ./11522/www/discusion_notes and on Stellar)
      • Krizek, Kevin J. "Residential relocation and changes in urban travel: does neighborhood-scale urban form matter?." Journal of the American Planning Association 69.3 (2003): 265-281. (called Krizek_relocation_2011.pdf on website and Stellar)
      • Handy, Susan L., and Kelly J. Clifton. "Evaluating neighborhood accessibility: Possibilities and practicalities." Journal of Transportation and Statistics 4.2/3 (2001): 67-78. (called Handy_Clifton_2001.pdf on website and Stellar)
  • Student-led discussion, part 2: Hector Flores-Ramirez
    • Topic Brief: Mapping for Social Prevention of Violence and Crime in Mexico
    • Articles to read (see: ./11522/www/discusion_notes and on Stellar)
      • Pattavina, April, Glenn Pierce and Alan Saiz (2002), “Urban Neighborhood Information Systems: Crime Prevention and Control Applications”, Journal of Urban Technology, vol. 9 no. 1, 37-56. (called Pattavina_urban_info_sys_for_crime.pdf on website and Stellar)
      • Sampson, Robert J., Stephen Raudenbush, Felton Earls (1997), “Neighborhoods and Violent Crime: A Multilevel Study of Efficacy”, Science, vol. 277, no. 5238, 918-924. (called Sampson_collective_efficacy.pdf on website and Stellar)
      • [skim this chapter] Anselin, Luc, Jacqueline Cohen, David Cook, Wilpen Gorr, and George Tita, “Spatial Analysis of Crime”, in D. Duffy (ed), Criminal Justice 2000, vol 4. (Measurement and Analysis of Crime and Justice), 2000. (called anselin_spatial_analysis_of_crime.pdf on website and Stellar)
  • Student-led discussion, part 1: Owen Deutsch
  • Part 2: General discussion Part 2: Progress on individual projects and retrospective on Seminars to date:
    • Roundtable update on individual projects (topic, data, tools, issues)
    • Comparing and contrasting notions of
      • Planning support systems
      • Public data, and
      • Urban information infrastructure
  • Veterans Day - Holiday
  • project work
  • project work
  • Final Project Presentations
  • Final Project Presentations

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