1. Dissertation: Mi Diao (2010), "Sustainable Metropolitan Growth Strategies:Exploring the Role of the Built Environment" in MIT's DSpace: https://dspace.mit.edu/handle/1721.1/62125, pages 1-44.
  2. Review datasets and factor analysis in Chapter 2
      • Empty 250x250m grid cells for entire state (g_all_stategrid)
      • Metro Boston grid cells with >0 vehicles (g_bos_vmt_grid)
      • Massachusetts 351 cities and towns (g_ma_towns00)
      • Mass 2000 census block groups (g_ma2000bg_stateplane)
      • Mass 2008 traffic analysis zones [TAZ] with codas (g_taz2727_codas)

  3. Illustrate use of Software to explore datasets

  4. Next Tuesday's Lab #1

select g250m_id, hshld_2000, no_vin, vmt_vin, vmt_hh
from vmtdata.vmt_250m limit 100;

Before Lecture #2 on Thursday

  1. Read rest of Chapter 3 in Prof. Mi Diao's dissertation (through page 55)
  2. Begin getting comfortable with datasets and software
  3. Use Friday's lab (from 2:30 - 4:30 in 9-554) to finish getting comfortable


These additional readings are available on Stellar (http://stellar.mit.edu):

  1. PDF of slides from Mi Diao's dissertation defense (Aug. 2010) - diaomi_dissertation_defense_v6.pdf
  2. Cervero & Kockelman paper on 3Ds: "Travel Demand and the 3Ds: Density, Diversity, and Design," - Cervero_1997.pdf
  3. Link to review of VMT/Land-use/Transportation relationships (2012) - VMT_readings.txt
  4. Journal article on Chapter 3: M. Diao and J. Ferreira, "Vehicle miles traveled and the built environment:
    evidence from vehicle safety inspection data," EPA, v.46 (2014), doi:10.1068/a140039p.

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