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Project Amazonia

"Develop a way to characterize and monitor the well being of one of the last true frontiers on Earth - the Amazon Basin rainforest - and devise a set of practical strategies to ensure its preservation." 

The Amazon Rainforest is the single largest tropical rainforest in the world, containing more unique flora and fauna than any other ecosystem on Earth. However, this system is in danger. Due to human encroachment the rainforest is being decimated at prodigious rates. If trends remain unchecked, the Amazon may be reduced to text in future generations' history books.

Project Amazonia is an effort to develop a solution for the preservation of this natural resource. By researching the natural state of the Amazon as, the activities threatening its survival and Brazilian dependency on its resources we hope to develop strategies that will allow Brazilians and the Amazon to develop a more symbiotic relationship.

The web site is organized according to the four major divisions of our research. By clicking on the links at the top of the page you will find our research into the characterization of Amazonian and Brazilian resources, the analysis of activities threatening the rainforest and its inhabitants, the possibility of more practical terrestrial and industrial methods, and the development of monitoring equipment.
We hope that this web site is informative and provides you with a new perspective on the status of the Amazon Rainforest.

- Project Amazonia: Mission 2006