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  Jose Rosa is an alumni mentor for Mission2006. PhD in Geophysics (MIT,1990); Pos-Doctoral Fellows at MIT and Harvard University (1991). BSc in Geology (University of Brasilia, Brasil, 1983). Professor at the Geosciences Institute of University of Brasília since 1996. MORE...



  Doctor of Zoology (Universidade Estadual Julio de Mesquita Filho- UNESP, Brasil - 1994). MSc in Freshwater Biology and Fishery (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia-INPA, Brasil, 1983). BSc in Marine Biology (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 1977). Researcher of the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística, Chief of Environmental Studies Service, Ecological Reserve of IBGE, Brasília, Brasil, since 1983.

Main research interests are: fish ecology, fish population, environmental studies. Has done research in the Amazon and Cerrado regions.


  Graduate Student in Geological Data Processing and Environmental Analysis by the Geosciences Institute of University of Brasilia, thesis studying environmental zoning techniques. Thesis defense in October, 2002. Specialist in Remote Sensing (UNESP, Brasil, 1985) and Environmental Education (University of Brasília, 1986). BSc in Geography by the University of Brasília, 1983. Visiting Researcher at the Institut d'Amenagement et Urbanism de Ille-de-France, IAURIF, France, 1991. Researcher at the Digital Signal Processing Lab of the Electrical Engineering Department of University of Brasilia (1992-1995). President of the SD Foundation (Sustainability and Development Foundation), a non-profit organization that works for the environment.

Main research interests are: environmental analysis, environmental zoning, water resources, sustainable cities, sustainable agriculture, landscape ecology, remote sensing and GIS.



  Graduate Student in Geological Data Processing and Environmental Analysis by the Geosciences Institute of University of Brasilia, thesis studying sediment transport and origin. Professor at the Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro.



  BSc in Social Siences at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). MSc at the Institute of Geography/UFRJ, with the dissertation entitled "Geopolitical Project and Indigenous Lands - territorial dimensions of policies for Indigenous peoples". He has worked on indigenous themes for almost 20 years. Between 1985 and 1994 he was a member-researcher of the Project "Studies on indigenous lands in Brazil", held by National Museum/UFRJ. He also carried out several studies about Brazilian indigenous problems as specialist consultant. At present he works as national expert for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusamenarbeit (GTZ), the German Technical Cooperation Agency. His activities are being developed with PPTAL, which is a project turned to demarcation and protection of indigenous lands in Amazon, kept by Brazilian government in cooperation with GTZ. He is also about to conclude a specialization level course on geoprocessing at the Institute of Geosciences/Universidade de Brasília.


  BSc in Social Sciences at Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP). MSc in Social Anthropology was obtained at the same institution, with the dissertation entitled "Environmental representations and territoriality amongst the Zo´e Indians/State of Para-Brazil". Since 1994 she has carried out a research program as a member of the Center of Indigenous History and Indigenous matters (NHII/USP). She also carried out studies as specialist consultant, both activities turned to the following areas of interest: culturally oriented environmental interactions and resource uses amongst indigenous peoples in Amazon, territorial occupation, education and empowerment programs.



  BSc in Civil Engineering (University of Brasilia, Brasil, 2002). Has several works in water resources and GIS. Plans to travel to the Amazon in a Research Expedition this Fall.