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Mission 2006:Rainforest links

Academic information

Course Schedule:

FIRST WEEK OF CLASSES: Wednesday, Sept. 4: MIT room 4-370.

After first week of classes:
Mondays: MIT room 4-370
Wednesdays: Rooms will be determined after the first week of classes
Fridays: MIT room 26-152 (TEAL room)


Web Design



Athena computing

When you log in on Athena, create a file index.html in Netscape: click Communicator on the menu and then find Composer. Once it is saved in your directory, go the prompt athena% and type
athena% attach 12.000

Then COPY your file by typing the following command into your future directory (all on one line, with a space before /mit...):

athena% cp YOURFILE.html /mit/12.000/www/m2006/teams/YOUR_MITNAME/YOURFILE.html

For example with your file named index.html and YOUR_MITNAME being pritmit,
athena% cp index.html /mit/12.000/www/m2006/teams/pritmit/index.html

Worst Practice: are supposed to help you with what not to do.

Tool Kit:

Created by Cecilia Marra of MIT, this tool kit for web designers is what the doctor has ordered:

Many articles talk about usability and where WWW is going next.


Useful Websites


Visit Libraries website for this class:

They will help with searching databases for articles, finding useful websites, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), locating full texts, citing sources correctly, and help with evaluating sources.

Maps, and Information about countries

The world Factbook 2001


Online Articles

"Brazil creates world's largest tropical national park" -

Search for articles about Brazil and rainforest.

NASA's Land Cover Land
Use Change Program

some publications:

Characteristics of Rainfall Variability in the Brazilian Amazon of South America



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