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Eric M Mibuari : Group 5

Welcome to the one of the Land group's set of webpages. This group comprises five students  and two TAs.

My group has been allocated the task of considering land and how this is important to the Amazon preservation problem.  Land is an important aspect because the rainforest grows on land. Land provides the foundation for the geography and nutrition of the rainforest. Land as a resource and the competition therefor has been one of the greatest contributors to the degradation of the Amazon Basin rainforest.

The group has decided to allocate various tasks to different members so that we can tackle the topic as exhaustively as posible.   Here is a brief summary of the different member roles;

Eva Enns
Soil Chemical Composition
Aaron Bell
Geomorphology, Geology and Erosion
Tri Ngo
Mining/Agricultural Practices, etc. and their Effects on the Land
Eric Mibuari
Contamination/Pollution of the land
Jonathan Rhodes
Reforestation Strategies and Land Requirements

I have been allocated the task of looking into soil contamination and pollution. For a look at my findings, click here.

Where are we heading?

We are developing strategies to monitor the land attributes in terms of geomorphology, topology and soils. We aim at identifying the problems that are affecting the Amazonian land, how these impede negatively on the Rain forest, how they problems can be addressed and specific reasons for addressing each problem. This will also be done in the larger context of the whole class task.

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