Mission 2006

12.000 Solving Complex Problems
Mission Statement: Develop a way to characterize and monitor the well-being of the Amazon Basin Rainforest Ecosystem and Devise a set of Practical Strategies to ensure it's preservation.




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As I usually research about Macro-organisms in water, I might not be able to answer or provide information about all the things you want to know about the water system in Amazon Basin. So, if you want to know something more specific, you can always contact anyone of my team members. Here's a list of all my team members and their contact information.
Name e-mail address Work/ Research Area
Ryan Allard furness@mit.edu Biochemistry and chemical composition of the water.
Lauren Cooney lacooney@mit.edu Effects of environmental and evolutionary changes, seasonal variations and human development on water ecosystem; Effects of water on other ecosystems in the rainforest
Katrina Cornell muir@mit.edu Sediment flow, erosion
Jonathan Karr  jkarr@mit.edu Outflow, inflow and storage of the Amazon water system
MinJi Kim minjikim@mit.edu Macro-organisms
Melanie Michalak meljmic@mit.edu Micro-organisms
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