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Team 1- Public Relations, Data Management, Legal, Political
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Iris Tang

Mission 2006 Statement:

Develop a way to characterize and monitor the well-being of one of the last true frontiers on Earth
-the Amazon Basin rainforest

and devise a set of practical strategies to ensure its preservation.

Team Goals

Current Analysis    (All my research information is here!)



Archive Findings and Research

Latest Individual Work:
Update my website to subject-based instead of time-based  

Update my information for the team website

Past Individual Work:
Research assigned topic from 10/16 meeting:

Education- how to motivate people to change their practices

UN/U.S. legal ability to fund project

Update my website to ensure similar format with the rest of my group

Continue research on public relations/media

Area of research:
Identify key media outlets

Make a list of useful facts about the Amazon Basin Rainforest

Form interest group alliances

Obtain photos and maps for media purposes

Latest Team Work:
10/23 - Propose strategies for final proposal (click here for minutes)

10/16 - Divide topics of research that other teams need from us

10/11 - Brief discussion after class about proposal to limit the scope of the final presentation

10/09 - Discuss presentation of proposal to limit the scope of the final presentation to Brazil

10/05 - Meeting with mentor John Carrier, learned about answer- driven strategies

10/02 - Divide unfinished research into four main categories

09/27 - Discuss next step of research

09/20 - Finalized definition of an A, Divide topics of research 

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th, 2002.
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