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Avian Species - Snow Geese


General Information

This species migrates to the 1002 region of ANWR every year for two to four weeks before continuing on a 1300 mile journey to Northern Alberta. Their time spent on the North Slope is critical to their survival since they need to store nutrients for their long migration path. As many as 500,000 species migrate to the region  each year. These birds are herbivores, feeding on cotton grass. A major predator is the arctic snow fox.

Critical Time Periods

Lesser snow geese migrate to the 1002 region late August to mid-September


Studies have been done that display the birds; sensitivity to noise pollution. They are easily disturbed by noise-producing activities, which could present a major problem for oil drilling. Repeated disruptions cause the birds to not return to the same area, which can significantly reduce the amount of food available to them. This affects their survival rate since their flight to their next stop is so intensive and they need to store up on energy.


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