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Political Implications


Political ramifications of a decision to drill in ANWR are hard to quantify and vary by scale. These scales include state, national, and international levels. The local/state level would benefit from drilling. The Alaskan government would be economically stable for approximately 30 years, dependant on the amount of oil and time of production. This stability will lead to the support of government sponsored organizations such as education, public safety, and some health care. These services are invaluable to the people of Alaska. On the national level there would be no major gains or losses on the political front. Drilling in ANWR is sure to be an issue in Election 2004, but a candidateıs stance on the issue will not, alone, cause him or her to loose the election. Finally on the international level there would be a cost to drilling in ANWR. This cost would be in the form of a poor environmental record with the rest of the world. The world oil market and the politics which surround it would be minimally impacted by a decision to drill. The political ramifications of drilling would be a benefit to the Alaskan people and a cost to the United States within the worldıs view of environmental policy.

Historical Background
State Ramifications
National Ramifications
International Ramifications

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