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Political Implications - National Ramifications


Opening ANWR has implications for the upcoming presidential election. Bush will be running for re-election and will be able to say that he accomplished his goals for energy. His main energy platform of the 2000 election was the opening of ANWR and with the Mission 2007 Proposal this goal would be achieved. The Republican Party could promote the number of jobs the decision created and the positive effect it potential could have on the economy. Democratic presidential hopefuls would be able to paint Bush as anti-environmental for opening ANWR to drilling. Also some Democrats claim that drilling in ANWR would only be the beginning of GOP plans to roll back environmental protection policies. Since there are so many democratic nominees at this point in the race there are sure to be varying positions on the decision to drill. This variation in position will give voters the opportunity to choose a candidate who reflects their views.

Environmental and energy platforms in Election 2004 won't be the deciding factors in whether a voter votes for Bush or for the Democratic nominee or for a third party candidate. Thus, since drilling in ANWR would minimally affect the election of the President and other government officials, in the long run the national political ramifications would be minimal.


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