Mission 2008: Bryan Newbold
Hello! Below is a rolling log of what i've been up to in Mission 2008. To the left is a link to the research i've been working on.

Also follow the link to the Team 1 Site for more information about Mission 2008, the Galapagos, team memebers, "the plan", etc etc.
Section Meeting - Bryan Newbold (November 12, 10:00pm)
Section meeting today.
Met with the website group. The underconstruction location of the section site is now /teams/lastortugas/alpha.
They're Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! - Bryan Newbold (November 20, 12:20am)
It's getting to be that special time where we're up against the wall!
Here is a rough 3D of the floating island: link
The Village People are being awesome and getting tons of work done. We'll see how the other two sections pull together over the next 36 odd hours.
Generic Title - Bryan Newbold (November 11, 11:41pm)
This evening we had an ecovillage group meeting. I didn't get food; sorry guys.
We spent pretty much the whole meeting talking about the benefits of a floating village. The three main solutions we discussed were:
  1. Moving most people onto a floating island
  2. Rebuilding the existing towns
  3. Building an entirely new town
I'm a supporter of the second solution: rebuilding the exisiting villages, consolidating the smaller ones into a few large town/villages, reusing exisiting construction materials, and using proper conservation construction practices.
I also think we could build a floating airport/seaport that would take a lot of the environmentaly damaging human activities off of the islands.
I have volunteered to research alternative power systems for the islands.
The section website I was working on is now at: /teams/bnewbold/lastortugas. I'm looking for a different place to put it.
Floating village!?!?! - Bryan Newbold (November 10, 6:43pm)
Had a coordination meeting today, spending most of the time with the ecovillage group.
We are trying to decide whether or not we should build a "new island", which would be a floating structure at sea which we could build a village on and move the majority of "real" island inhabitants onto.
It's a great idea, but there's a lot I don't like about it. Seems too risky/expensive.
Anyways, we're having an ecovillage group meeting tomorrow to discuss it all.
Oh, also, i'll be creating a section website and posting it soon for comments.
Long Time No update! - Bryan Newbold (November 08, 4:09am)
It's been too long!
The first phase of Mission 2008 has wrapped up, and now we're on the intense last leg! Only 3 weeks untill deadlines! Youch!
The section is spliting up the duties and goals of the project, so i'll summarize what I think i'm doing. I'm the website development leader, and will be doing a lot of work on the site. I am also in the ecovillage group. My primary interest within this group is working on alternative energy sources, especially a geothermal/hydrogen combination system that I think would have a lot of synergy. I am also interested in autonomous robots to collect data from individual sensors and relay/transport it to research stations.
I need to put content on my geothermal/hydrogen page.

Here's an interesting link: http://www.physorg.com/news1862.html. It describes an autonomous underwater robot that has a very long range and uses little energy. Cool!
Humdrum Update - Bryan Newbold (October 27, 12:13am)
Just updated the team website today. Added summary pages for each of the three core parts of our project (biopreserve, sensor grid, village). We don't want a village, but we will explain why.
Need to finalize a lot of my research. Also have to do a lot of work summarizing the team's work in the three core sections; the plan is for other members to do this writing, and i'll spice it up with media and post it in "magazine article" style.
YESTERDAY (Monday): Had a team meeting about the issues surrounding our inhabitants and the village that would house them. I think it was a great idea to split up our research efforts into three weeks the way we did, because it had aligned with the section-wide lectures with Kip.
What happened in the world today - Bryan Newbold (October 21, 4:25am)
Had a section collaboration meeting today. The team didn't have much to talk about.
Our website needs some polish in terms of content. Our research needs to be in a better format; not necissarily more research, just better analyis and organization of information. We're going to work on having individual pages for each of the three main goals, which will summarize our research and collected knowledge.
Have started the ball rolling on the section website and organizing the section for the second half of the semester.
Wow! - Bryan Newbold (October 13, 11:45am)
Lots gone on since the last update!
Mostly been playing with the team website. I'm also researching the long term implications (100+ years) of our little biopreserve. I put up a plan page on the team website, and what everybody is researching can be checked there.
First Site Update! - Bryan Newbold (October 1, 7:17am)
Added initial research on international maritime law.
Also have started working on the research section of this site.
Made a giant-normus update to the Team 1 Site, with lots of research!