Stay Tuned for Late-Breaking Information


The links to the webcast for Mission 2009 are:

The website developed by the students in Mission 2009 with the work that embodies the whole semester is:

Final Presentation in 12.000 - Solving Complex Problems (Mission 2009) will take place on Thursday, Dec. 1st, in Bldg. 34-101 starting at 6:45pm. Doors will close and the live webcast will start at 7pm.

VERY IMPORTANT: Final meeting of Mission 2009 will take place on Monday, Dec. 5th in 16-160. All need to attend. There is no class on Friday, Dec. 2nd (see syllabus).

Students interested in joining Terrascope program can contact Debra Aczel in the Terrascope office or contact her by email (daczel at