Congratulations on finding the website of a bunch of freshmen in the Class of 2009 at MIT who are part of Mission 2009. Read below for more information about this class and our team 7's specific objectives.

Mission 2009 (12.000)

MIT's Solving Complex Problems (12.000) class is designed to provide students the opportunity to work as part of a team to propose a viable solution to a complex problem that requires an interdisciplinary approach. For incoming students of the Class of 2009, 12.000 focuses on strategies for coping with tsunamis in developing countries of the Pacific Ocean basin.

Historically, tsunamis are much more rare in the Indian Ocean basin than in the Pacific Ocean basin, where great submarine earthquakes are frequent. For Mission 2009, we are studying the origins and impacts of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami in order to inform a comprehensive, hypothetical plan for tsunami preparedness in two developing nations, Micronesia and Peru. Students in 12.000 are responsible for developing and articulating this plan.

Evacuation Planning Objectives

To design a strategy for evacuating people who are at risk from an impending tsunami.

Activities to consider (from brainstorming comments, in no particular order):

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