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Final Presentation (LIVE webcast) of the students in 12.000 is on Tuesday, Dec. 5
WHERE: Stata Center Bldg. 32-123
WHEN: 7pm - 10pm

Doors will close and the live webcast will start at 7pm. To watch the presentation LIVE, please visit the following links:
High Speed connection : http://web.mit.edu/webcast/mission2010/mit-mission2010-32-123-05dec2006-220k.ram
Or, Medium (56K): http://web.mit.edu/webcast/mission2010/mit-mission2010-32-123-05dec2006-56k.ram

Please note that the free version of RealPlayer version 8 or later is
all that is needed to view the webcast. If prospective viewers need
help with RealPlayer, you may include this help link:

The website developed by the students in Mission 2010 with the work that embodies the whole semester will be posted on the day of the final presentation : http://web.mit.edu/12.000/www/m2010/.

We are giving all teams a problem to solve for class on Monday October 30th (see below).

The problem will require all of the teams to work together and in some ways this can be viewed as preparation for the final project. Starting today each team can meet to talk about what they are going to do and then next week you will have the opportunity to meet in a big room with tables so that each team can meet yet you can interact with each other. On Monday, Oct. 23rd and Wednesday, Oct. 25th that room will be the ground floor of Walker Memorial. The UTF's and Prof. Bowring will be there to facilitate if necessary. On Monday October 30th a presentation will be made to the entire class. On Friday, Oct. 27th the room will likely be 16-160. Keep in mind that this gives you an opportunity to move from data gathering and integration to solution planning!!

The problem:
It is clear that the fate of the Lower Ninth Ward is a crucial part of your puzzle. Your assignment is to propose a solution for the future of the Lower Ninth Ward. This should consider both short and long term plans. This is a good opportunity to think boldly!

On Monday October 30th you will make a final presentation with your solution. This should not be a sequence of team reports but a coherent, integrated presentation involving a representative from each team at the front of the room. The presentation should be no more than 30 minutes in duration at which time a panel of UTFs, faculty, and mentors will ask questions.

Considerations: Your Team web sites are due on November 1---do not forget this! It is very important for you to remember that this exercise is very much a part of your total solution and not some separate distraction. However because you are all probably muttering under your breath by now...we will extend the deadline to November 3 at noon.

Latest Lindgren library resources:
1. A reprint of the original 1861 report by Abbott and Humphries, Report upon the physics and hydraulics of the Mississippi River. One of the classics, and ready to use.

2. Chambers' book from 1968, The Mississippi River and its wonderful valley, with sections on levees and jetties, and more history. Ditto.

3. Several volumes of the Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies which have relevant papers, including one by Charles Kolb from 1980 entitled "Should we permit Mississippi-Atchafalaya diversion?"

4. Drawing Louisiana's new map: addressing land loss in coastal Louisiana, @ 2006 from NAS-NRC. On two hour Reserve. Includes stats on land loss, oil and gas, employment. MRGO, and a neat table on various estimates of sediment transport by the MI River system.

5. A small, colorful pamphlet on the Bonne Carre Spillway (I didn't know it's on the National Register of Historic Places!)

6. The NY Times article Prof. Southard referred to is on the bulletin board in Lindgren, and Fisk report he mentioned (one of them, anyway).

Oct. 11, 4pm - Richard Alley's talk "Fraying at the Edges-Ice Sheets, Climate and Sea Level"

WHEN: on Wednesday, October 11th at 4:00 PM
WHERE: MIT Wong Auditorium (E51-115)

Professor Richard Alley will give a talk that we strongly encourage you to attend entitled:
"Fraying at the Edges-Ice Sheets, Climate and Sea Level".

After the talk there will be a reception for him in 54-923 where you can have a chance to chat with him. Here is official Link: http://eapsweb.mit.edu/news/special.html

Case Study Assignment for September 27th: On Wednesday we will consider the case of Venice, Italy which faces many of the same problems as New Orleans.

First article
Second article
Third article

This pdf contains an assignment for Wednesday that will prepare you to participate in a discussion led by Prof. Rafael Bras. Look at the three articles (links above). Please be prepared as you could be called on to participate.

Reading Assignment before September 29th: As preparation for John Southard's lecture on September 29 please read Chapter 17 in Life on the Mississippi entitled "Cut-offs and Stephen".

Here is a very cool PowerPoint/Keynote presentation with incredible photographs taken by Ed Minyard who helps to run the Emergency Management Practice at Unisys. Get 2Mb file here.

From Sam's bookshelf to yours!!! New books and a DVD on New Orleans now in library!!!! Here's a list in pdf format.