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Wetlands Restoration

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Team 3 is one of eight teams in Mission 2010.  The main goal of the class is to design the best solution for New Orleans and its people while considering all aspects of the city as well as its vulnerability to hurricanes.  While many teams' focus was within the city, Team 3 was primarily concerned with the area around the city.  Our job was to design a plan to not only prevent further deterioration within the wetlands, but to promote healthy growth in order to optimize the functions the wetlands serve for the city. 

The city of New Orleans was established in the 1700s.  Early settlers viewed the wetlands as wastelands, unsuitable for building and therefore useless to the developing area.  The wetlands were drained and filled to give them a more economic value for the city. 
Also, in the 1930s, major levee construction all the Mississippi River began.  Controlling the river prevented many of the natural interactions between the river and wetlands leading to more deterioration along the coast.  More recently, the value of wetlands has been discovered and slight measures have been taken to prevent more loss, but will it be enough? Land Change Map