Laboratory Assignments for 13.42:
Design Principles for Ocean Vehicles
Spring 2005

Lab Reports should be written up in clear and concise scientific writing. All figures should show the axes as non-dimensional units if possible. The reports should be written similar in style to a journal article. You can use a journal such as Journal of Fluid Dynamics or Journal of Ship Research as a guideline.

The report should include a brief abstract (~500 words) with a summary of the lab and the major conclusions. The next section should be a clear introduction of the subject. There should be a section describing the experimental set-up (a drawing might be useful here), any calibrations, and any sources of error -- quantify this error if possible. You can choose to have separate results and discussion sections or to combine them. Integrate your figures into the text and number all equations. Also include any references cited in the report at the end. You may choose to include your calculations or your matlab code in an appendix. This is not required.

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Last updated: 3 February 2005