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15.311 Organizational Processes - SDM

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The purpose of this course is to enhance your ability to take effective action in complex organizational settings. This ability will be fostered by building your personal skills in teamwork and by providing you with the analytic tools needed to analyze, change, and lead organizations. This course is therefore a demanding one that stretches from individual skills to the analysis of organizations. It emphasizes the importance of the organizational context in influencing which individual styles and skills are effective. The course employs a wide variety of learning tools, from experiential learning to the more conventional discussion of written cases. The basic framework of the course centers on three complementary perspectives on organizations: the strategic design, political, and cultural “lenses” on organizations.

The course is divided into three parts. The first focuses on team dynamics and the challenges of working and managing within and across teams. The second part introduces you to the three perspectives or lenses for understanding processes in organizations. The third examines ways to generate change in organizations.


Professor Paul R. Carlile
Office: E52-567
Tel: 617-253-7782

Course Assistant

Jamillah Allen
Office: E52-580
Tel: 617-253-6679

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