MIT Sloan School of Management

Advanced Strategic Management

15.933 - Fall 1997

Prof. Louis Thomas

Course Overview

This is an advanced course in strategic management. This course will have a particular strong emphasis on competitive strategy and will apply some basic tools from economics to examine the strategic decisions that managers make. We will examine those decisions concerning pricing, capacity investment, advertising, new product introductions, research and development, and organizational design. The course will integrate traditional economic models with case study materials.

Course Announcements

Course Syllabus

Course Slides

I. Course Introduction

II. Competitive Strategy

A. Price Competition

  1. Strategies to Lessen Competition

II. Industry Analysis

A. Commitment and Competitive Strategy

B. Sunk Costs and Market Structure

III. Technology Competition

A. Imitation

B. Patent Races

C. New Product Competition

IV. Corporate Strategy

A. Diversification and Market Entry

B. Strategies in Declining Industries

C. Vertical Contracting

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Professor Louis Thomas
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