Supporting References for Cognitive Task Analysis Topic

Papers covered in seminar:

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Other papers:

Validity & Reliability definitions (1 pg PDF)

Special issue on Task Analysis: Ergonomics, 1998, 41(11)

Comprehensive review of task analysis techniques: Kirwan, B. & Ainsworth, L. K. (eds.), 1992. A Guide to Task Analysis. London: Taylor & Francis, Ltd.

Entire book on procedure & example using Cognitive Work Analysis, an ecologically-based method: Vicente, K. J. (1999). Cognitive Work Analysis. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Another example of task analysis techniques used in nuclear power plant: Umbers, I. G. & Reiersen, C. S. (1995). Task analysis in support of the design and development of a nuclear power plant safety system. Ergonomics, 38 (3), 443-454.