16.821 Flight Vehicle Development

16.821 Flight Vehicle Development


Spring 2004

Tuesdays (33-206)/Thursdays (35-338), 2-3:30 pm

MIT - Aeronautics and Astronautics Department


Discussion Leader schedule posted (see below).

See Submission Policies below.

Technical Memos: If you have not already done so, please submit your technical memos from Thursday using the 16.821 Document Locker.

It is NOT necessary for you to submit your memos on your individual backgrounds.


Course Schedule

26 Feb
Test 1
Repeat last test of 16.82 with no umbilicals for power or data
11 Mar
Test 2
Perform the tethered vertical and translation tests
8 Apr
Test 3
Free flight with the whiffle balls attached
29 Apr
Test 4
Final Flight demonstration


Credit: U-Level 2-10-6 Units

Submission Policies:

The major assignments (i.e. those identified on the schedule) MUST be submitted electronically (see below) by 6PM on the due date.

Other assignments (such as the memos turned in last week, not identified on the schedule) due "in-class" should be submitted electronically by NOON before that class.

Please PLAN AHEAD for your submission - we are operating a zero-tolerance policy on late work this semester.

Electronic submission
Use the "16.821 Document Locker" website to submit all work.

This page has a link for submission via a web browser and all documents are immediately available on the web.

Filename rules: no spaces; please include your name. Use the "description" entry to make sure others can identify your document.

In case of technical problems with submission, email the instructors list as before.

You can also use submissions to this web page to store and share useful information for the group e.g. designs and memos.