Soviet wartime posters

Caption: The spirit of the great Lenin and his victorious banner are inspiring us now to a patriotic war (J. Stalin).

Caption: Forward, to demolish the German invaders and expel them from our Motherland!

Caption: Let us be inspired in this war by the brave figures of our great ancestors! (J. Stalin)

Monument: Glory, honor, and memory to heroic and outstanding deeds.

The head above is probably that of Kutuzov, chief of the Russian war effort against Napolean.

Supposedly printed by partisans (underground fighters in occupied territory) on birch bark.  Inscription is in Ukrainian: All our forces should support our heroic Red Army and Glorious Red Navy!  All the people's forces should be devoted to demolition of the invaders! (Stalin)

Caption: The Soviet people will not fail to care for soldiers' orphans!

On the happy day of liberation from the yoke of the German invaders, the first words of unlimited gratitude and love of Soviet people are addressed to our friend and father comrade STALIN--the organizer of our fight for the freedom and independence of our motherland.