18.06 Linear Algebra, Fall 2015

18.06 Spring 2015
Professor: Alex Townsend (office E18-475, email ajt at mit.edu)
Lectures: MWF 11 am, in 54-100.
Course administrator: Nate Harman (office E17-401v, email nharman at math.mit.edu)
Textbook: Gilbert Strang's, Introduction to Linear Algebra, 4th edition.

Syllabus Course Overview

Welcome to 18.06 linear algebra!


Recitations meet on Tuesdays starting from Sep 15. No recitations on Oct 13 (MIT Monday). You must enroll in a specific section. Your homework and exams will go to that section. Default recitation sections are assigned by the Registrar. You may change your recitation on Membership module and view your grades on Gradebook .

TimeRoomInstructorOfficeE-mail Office hour
Lec. MWF 11 54-100 Alex Townsend E18-475 ajt at mit.edu TBA
R01 T9 E17-128 Miriam Farber E17-401s mfarber at mit.edu T2-4
R02 T10 38-166 Sam Raskin E18-376 sraskin at mit.edu T1-3
R03 T10 E17-128 Miriam Farber E17-401s mfarber at mit.edu T2-4
R04 T11 38-166 Sam Raskin E18-376 sraskin at mit.edu T1-3
R05 T12 E17-133 Nate Harman E17-401v nharman at mit.edu W2
R06 T1 E17-139 Tanya Khovanova E18-420 tanya at math.mit.edu T3-5
R07 T2 E17-133 Tanya Khovanova E18-420 tanya at math.mit.edu T3-5
R08 T2 38-166 Zach Abel 32-G636 zabel at mit.edu T4-6
R09 T3 38-166 Zach Abel 32-G636 zabel at mit.edu T4-6

Homework and Collaboration

Homework will be posted weekly in the Problem Sets section of the class website. Assignments will be due on Thursday, BEFORE 4PM. Part of the homework is online at MITx, see below. Please put them in the box for your section in E17-131. Please staple them (you may use the math stapler). They are due every week except exam weeks and are returned in recitation.

Late homework will not be accepted and no extensions are granted. However, your lowest homework grade will be dropped.

The homeworks are essential in learning linear algebra. They are not a test and you are encouraged to talk to other students about difficult problems---after you have found them difficult. Talking about linear algebra is healthy. But you must write your own solutions.

You can use computers as much as you want on homeworks for the purpose of checking and investigating. That is a key part of learning. However, "my computer said so" is never the answer to the offline part of the pset. Remember that computers will not be allowed in the exams so you will need to know how to calculate things by hand.


Online homework questions (including MATLAB questions) will be posted at MITx later in the semester.

It is best to use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.

Step 1. Go to lms.mitx.mit.edu

Step 2. Click login in the upper right corner (need certificates)

Step 3. Click Find Courses in the upper left corner.

Step 4. Register for 18.06


Many students find the second exam more challenging than the first exam. It is not surprising to see a much lower mean on the second exam as this part of the course trains students to go past the mechanical and computational, emphasizing the conceptual and the ability to tackle new problems.

The use of calculators or notes is not permitted during the exams. Taking another course at the same time is not an excuse for missing the in-class hour exam. There will be no make-up exams in this course.

Concerns about homework, grading, exams: see your recitation instructor.

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