18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2018

This year we are using MITx for MATLAB questions.

It is best to use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. After you login with your certificates, click on "find courses" in the upper left. Choose 18.06r and get started.

Later in the semester there will be a brief introduction to MATLAB available on the website. This is not for credit, it is simply to introduce the notation for students that are not familiar with MATLAB.

Class Philosophy on Computing MATLAB and Julia

In this course, we emphasize interactive exploration to supplement theory. Therefore, even though no experience with programming or computational software is required, some homework problems will require you to use a tool. Julia or Matlab will suffice for all such assignments, and so we use them as the "demonstration language" of 18.06 (though you may use any tool/language you want). We may occasionally demonstrate MATLAB and Mathematica, and we have incentives for those willing to try Julia. (Julia is newer and not as polished as the other tools, but it often has better performance, is freely available, and has more constructs expected in a real programming language. It also interfaces seamlessly to Python and C. It is becoming a key langauge for technical computing.)


  • September 12
  • September 14
  • Other Resources

  • Matlab cheat sheet (for useful commands)
  • Matlab in MIT
  • Gauss-Jordan demo (9/14/98)
  • LU demo(9/14/98)
  • Short MATLAB® Tutorial (PDF) and Cool MATLAB® demos by Mathworks
  • MATLAB® Recitation Demos from 1997
  • MATLAB® Teaching Codes