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Yo Yo Parts and Models

Here are some pictures of disassembled yo-yos and the molds that were used to create the different parts so that you can get a better idea of what you will be doing in labs 4-8. Click on the thumbnails to get a larger image.

This yo-yo had a pepsi-logo design. The yo-yo rim is also shaped like a bottle cap. Here you can see the two halves of the yo-yo unscrewed.

Here you can see all the pieces that make up one half of the yo-yo. The red, white, and blue pieces in the middle of the picture rest on top of the pink part. Note the lip around the red and blue pieces that allow the white rim to secure them into place when the yo-yo is assembled.

This is the mold that was used to create the pink base plate for the yo-yo. The mold core is on the left, the cavity on the right. Note the cavity that will create the boss where your nut will be secured and the ejector pin holes on the core side of the mold.

This is the mold that created the rim of the yo-yo. Again, note the ejector pin holes on the core mold.

This is the mold that created both the red and blue parts. 

This is the thermoform mold. It was milled out of the same blanks that you made your paperweights with. 

Here are the assembled parts of the ninja turtle yo-yo. The head, arms, and legs are attached to the base with little pins so they can be removed and flipped in or out.

Here is a picture of the parts that made up the yo-yo. From left to right, Injection Molded shell, thermoformed shell, and the base with appendages.

This is the base of the turtle yo-yo. The small holes that go around the core side match up with pins that were press-fitted in the cavity side. These pins created the holes in the part where the turtle head, arms, and legs would fit.

Here are pictures of the mold of the shell and the back side of the shell part. Notice the steps in the back of the part. The first step fits around the base while the second helps hold the thermoform part in place.

These are the molds that created the turtle headbands and appendages. Notice the runners going from the gate to the parts. Also note that they are all about the same length.

This is the thermoform mold for the shell. The grooves on the shell made it very difficult to manufacture the part. 



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