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3 ideas presentation! September 22
Summary: 2.009 this week

Thursday 4-5 PM in 3-434. Credit card training for financial officers

Friday: no class
Monday: 3 ideas presentation

Schedule a time for your section to have help plotting and mounting your posters for the ideas presentation

Schedule a time for ideas presentation practice and feedback from communication instructors

lab this week (lab 2): Explore ideas, ideas presentation preparation
- read the notes for lab 2
- be ready with your idea from the observation exercise. See who is going where?
- see the ideas presentation pointers (.pdf) from the communications instructors.

- feel free to use the 2.009 beverages in the computer area in Pappalardo

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Of interest: (archive)
- Special tutorial: Portfolio design: a designers and employers viewpoint. Thursday 7:15-8 PM in 3-370

- Special tutorial: Making a poster in illustrator. Friday 4-5:00 PM in Pappalardo

- a matter of perspective
- avalanche detection
agenda template (.doc)
- meeting minutes template (.doc)

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