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Final Presentation December 8
Summary: 2.009 this week

Tech review feedback from Professor Wallace and feedback forms

class Friday: presentation design

30 minute design reviews are pm Monday Please schedule your team's review time.

lab this week: design review—on to the rebuild
- notes for lab 11
- design notebooks are reviewed
- tech timesheets submit Tuesday
- peer and team reviews are completed (due 5 PM Friday)

Team areas will be open noon-5PM this Saturday

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Of interest: (archive)
- name generator
- mad CAD
- fast naps!
- simple prototyping
- time lapse from space

Register to use the PDL 35-307 overflow space. You must have agreed to the terms of use and be on the registered user list to work in the PDL.

follow and tag 009mit on instagram. When you take a fun/interesting 2.009 picture tag 009mit and #009yourColor