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2.009 class fall 2013

Watch a 4 minute compilation of the final presentations! (.mov: low res, high res)

See the MIT news and the Tech articles about the final presentations. Watch the full program (.mov: high res, low res)

Glow in the news! Verda in the news!


Final presentations (program, .pdf)
- Orange Mira, and Q&A
- Purple EquiTemp, and Q&A
- Red Ollie, and Q&A
- Pink Verda, and Q&A
- Green Poseiden, and Q&A
- Silver BitDex, and Q&A
- Blue San-X, and Q&A
- Yellow Glow, and Q&A

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Of interest: (archive)
- secret of success: grit

- build challenge: fun, healthy transportation (.mov: high, low)
- 2.009 process, following orange team (.mov: high, low)
- student tribute (no names .mov: high, low)
- twas the night before presentations!
- thanks Professor Wallace (.mov: high, low)

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