Assembly and Product Contract Logistics

material submission logistics, presentation logistics

Material submission logistics
The assignment will be electronically submitted on the due date specified in the course schedule, prior to the in-class reviews.

Four items are required: a descriptive .jpg or .png image or images to show your complete assembly/key design elements from an informative viewpoint; all of your native CAD files; a list of who modeled the different parts in the assembly (each team member must model at least one part); and a pdf version of your product contract. There maybe other types of design documents that you choose to submit as well. The image(s) of your team's assembly and your product contract will be made available on the course web site.

Please follow the instructions below carefully:

i. Designate a team member to submit the materials.

ii. Prepare the files to be submitted using the naming convention below for your files
(o.k. if file extension/format is different from example):
   assembly.png for assembly image (number files if there is more than one; other image formats o.k.)
   contract.pdf for product contract (other document formats o.k.)
   who_did_what.txt for list of parts and who modeled them (other document formats o.k.) for zip file containing all the CAD files (other archive formats o.k.)
If you have additional files, please use descriptive names.

iii. Use the 2.009 file uploader tool to upload your assembly review submissions. A link for the uploader tool will be available before the submission date.

iv. Check that your upload was successful by downloading the files from your team's upload directory linked from the 2.009 file uploader tool.


Presentation logistics
Each team will have roughly 10 minutes to present relevant aspects of their product contract and product assembly in class, using materials from the assembly/product contract assignment. If your actual design has changed since the electronic submission, please present your most current materials.

The team should focus on explaining their design to obtain feedback and suggestions from the rest of the class. Please expect the review to be interactive.

Four teams will be reviewed on the first day of the presentations and four teams will present on the second day of reviews. The presentation schedule will be announced after the assembly materials have been submitted.