2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Design Notebook Submission

Physical: bi-weekly notebook review

Be sure to bring your up-to-date design notebook to lab on review weeks. Your instructor will collect your notebook near the beginning of lab, review it, initial new pages, provide some feedback, and return it back to you during the same lab.

At the end of the term your lab instructor will keep your notebook for final grading. You will be able to pickup your notebook after the course grading is completed.

Online: bi-weekly digital highlights

Each time your notebook is reviewed in lab, you must also submit digital images of two pages from the current review period. This will be used to build an on-line record of your key contributions that can be accessed by classmates during peer reviews (from your 2.009 website team page, not your team management site).

Your digital submission is due by 10:00 PM on Thursday of each week that your notebook is reviewed. Please do not make sloppy submissions! The scans must be legible, right side up, and appropriately cropped. Unintelligible images will not be posted and your submission will be counted as incomplete.

i. Choose two pages from your notebook that best represent your most significant contributions to the project in the previous two weeks.
ii. Take a digital picture of, or scan, the chosen two notebook pages. There are flatbed scanners connected to the 2.009 computers in the Pappalardo lab. Cell phone pictures tend to be poor. Make sure that the dates on the pages are visible.

Instructions for how to use the 2.009 scanners are available. Acceptable file formats are: JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files. PDF files are not supported.
iii. Log into the online notebook submission page. Your username is your Athena username, and your password is initially set by choosing the reset password option. Once you are on the page follow the upload instructions. Once uploaded, check your notebook page on the 2.009 web site. If there is a problem that you cannot resolve, please contact the course instructor.