2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Project Timesheet

background, use in 2.009, preparation and submission

In professional design practice we are typically required to track and bill our time to the different projects on which we are working. Different types of activities are often billed at different rates, so the type of activity is also recorded.

We are using an online timesheet tool to make the process as convenient as possible. The categories of the timesheet are fairly detailed, so please make entries into your timesheet on a regular, daily basis when you are working on 2.009 project... when your memory is fresh.

Use in 2.009
From a learning viewpoint, the structure of the timesheets provide a reminder of the types of things one is likely to be doing in a product development process, and reflecting upon your effort will help to improve skills in estimating how long different types of tasks will take.

Your lab instructors, who are responsible for grading, will not see the timesheets. The course instructor will use the information in the timesheets (after the class is over) to improve the 2.009 product development process through a detailed understanding of the resources needed during different phases of the project. Please bill your time as correctly as possible since the goal is to obtain accurate information. In professional practice, systematic over billing is fraud and at times can be a criminal offense!

The link to your timesheet will be available early in the term, and discussed in lecture when they go online. Descriptions of the categories are available for reference.

The detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit your timesheet will be posted before you needed to begin using them