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Final Presentation

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The final project milestone is a formal presentation that is attended by the entire class, all instructors, course sponsors, and guests from product development firms. There will be in excess of 1000 guests! It takes place during the evening on the date indicated in the class schedule and contributes to a portion of your shared team-wide grade.

The presentation provides each team with the opportunity to show their work to a wide audience that includes academics and industry representatives. It will help you learn how to prepare a polished technical presentation that is intended for a diverse, but educated, technical, non-technical, and business oriented audience. The presentation will also serve as a crowdsourced-funding launch event (such as kickstarter) for your product!

You will want to demonstrate your prototype and may present customer data, market information, specifications, or benchmarks for your product. The audience will evaluate your work. The evaluation form will ask them to rate the quality of your presentation, your product, and your customer data. This information will be provided to each team as feedback.

Examples from previous final presentations are on the right. You can also view final presentations from other years in the gallery (select a project and the final presentation will start playing automatically). The communication instructors have also prepared some final presentation pointers.

Please review the detailed presentation logistics carefully.

See results of final presentation.