Results of Final Presentation

Congratulations to all teams on a job well done! Presentation night was terrific with main auditoriumat full capacity to appreciate your accomplishments. There were over 2200 unique computers following the webcast, with several organized group viewing events following along.

Overall, the presentations had a pretty ideal outcome. All of the projects and presentations were highly successful. I am very proud of all of the teams and your work.

Keep in mind that reviewer feedback is not the scoring of a competition—the final presentations are not a competition. In fact, this reviewer feedback is not a good measure of any given project's potential. Different people have different viewpoints and until a product has been out in the real world, nobody has definitive answers. Also, keep in mind that this was a technology-centric audience.

However, the feedback is a good measure of impressions of a broad audience, based upon a short exposure to your work (13 minutes total), from a distance. Thus, the ranking feedback is provided here simply to help us reflect upon how a general audience responded, and to think about how we might improve. A philosophy of continuous improvement is a critical element in successful product development firms. If a product is good now but we don't reflect and try to get better, it does not take many years for the standard to catch up and our good product has become mediocre.

Up to 250 guests provided feedback on your presentations using the review form. Some guests offered teams written comments in addition to the numerical ratings, and teams can study the comments for information and questions that a design team would weigh during ongoing product development (these forms were provided in your team area on course wrapup Wednesday).

All teams received positive reviews and differences were very small. The charts in the overall rank indicate just how evenly strong all of the products were. Every team had some top ranks and some bottom ranks—indicating they were all successful, compelling projects.

The guest feedback is divided into 5 categories: an overall ranking assigned by the guests at the conclusion of the presentations; presentation quality; business assessment; technology, the prototype, and overall potential to become a real product.

Overall rank ordering
Assessed at the conclusion of all presentations, independent of the grading by category. One is the highest possible rank.