2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Project Ideas Fair

The ideas fair is intended to provide you with additional project opportunities and introduce potential clients representing under-served groups.

There will be a number of parallel sessions at which clients identify projects and needs. We will divide your section so that all presentations will be covered by at least one person from your section (two persons per team). You will need to take notes so that you can report to your section in your first lab meeting.

Ideas from the idea fair may be combined with the list of ideas selected from your brainstorming deliverable. You may use ideas generated by your section and/or from the idea fair in the 3-ideas presentation. The HelmentHub (gallery) is an example of 2.009 project that arose from a client at an idea fair.

The idea fair is scheduled in the evening so that a number of potential customers and experts can attend to propose project ideas.

Please follow the detailed schedule carefully and review the summary of projects that will be presented at the ideas fair.