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Summary of Ideas Fair Projects

Adaptive Optics Xinetics
Electro-optical systems

Pediatric prosthetic devices
Better adventures need better stories
Skydive motion monitoring

Continuum Advanced Systems
It's time for vacation!

Pediatric eyecare

Design that Matters
Newborn warming mattress

Hunter's apparel
Appliance adventures
Zoar Outdoor
Sustainable outdoor adventures


Electro-optical Systems (slides, .pdf)
Jeffrey Yorsz, General Manager
Adaptive Optics Xinetics

Northrop Grumman's AOA Xinetics (AOX) is a leader in developing challenging, mission critical electro-optical and opto-mechanical systems. We design, develop, manufacture and service systems world-wide for government, industrial and commercial customers.

We are waiting for clearance from AOX to provide their presentation materials.


Better Adventures Need Better Stories (slides, .pdf)
Alex Denniston, Senior Engineer
Jeremy Finch, Strategist

One of the biggest parts of having an adventure is sharing our memories from the experience after the fact. Some of us even spend more time and money capturing and documenting those memories than we do on having the adventure itself. Sharing those experiences through storytelling is one of the oldest forms of creating human connections. But, as our adventures become more extraordinary and multisensory, the tools and methods we use to tell those stories haven’t kept up.

We’re curious and excited to see how technology can better enhance how we record, relive and share those adventure experiences


It's time for vacation! (slides, .pdf)
Tom Merle, Chief Development Officer & GM
Continuum Advanced Systems

We need to plan our trip, get packed up, get to the airport, get on the plane, and get to the resort. The only problem is every aspect of this “journey” is painful. It is less than a “delighting” experience. It is truly an adventure—and not in a good way.

The opportunity? Re-design this experience. Re-think it from beginning to end. Delight the customers. Make money for the airlines. Create brand loyalty. Use technology. Where could this experience be three years from now?


Otter newborn warning mattress for developing countries (slides, .pdf)
Elizabeth Johansen, Director of Product Development
Design that matters

Help Design that Matters (DtM) give 500,000 newborns access to lifesaving technology. The Otter warming mattress fights the leading cause of newborn mortality worldwide by simply keeping newborns warm. Complications due to prematurity kill one million newborns each year, more than AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined. 80% of these premature newborns require only simple interventions to stay alive. Premature babies cannot fight off deadly infections and respiratory distress if they spend all their energy keeping warm. Existing warming technology is expensive to own and operate, hard to maintain, hard to use correctly, untrustworthy, and generally incompatible with the context of developing countries. DtM sees an opportunity for MIT 2.009 to use existing off-the-shelf resistive warming technology, cheap temperature sensors from sources like adafruit to demonstrate a disruptive newborn warmer design that is compatible with Firefly phototherapy and other simple treatments to save many lives.

Design that Matters (DtM) is a non-profit that designs world-class products to serve the poor in developing countries using a collaborative process that has engaged over 850 collaborators in academia and industry. DtM worked with our first MIT 2.009 team to design the Kinkajou Microfilm Projector in 2002. The resulting design won the MIT IDEAS Award, Tech Museum Award, was exhibited at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and was included in Design for the Other 90%. Even better, World Education implemented the Kinkajou in literacy centers throughout 45 villages in Mali, teaching over 3,000 adults to read.


Appliance adventures (slides, .pdf)
Tony Hu, VP Product Development
Lauren Hernley and Jacob Bailey

Euro-Pro is the maker of household appliances including Ninja blenders and Shark vacuums. The company attributes its success to a relentless focus on understanding and meeting consumer needs. Real live Ninjas will demonstrate their blenders, discuss user pain points and opportunities for innovation (and possibly make some tasty treats!).


Pediatric prosthetic devices

The Hasbro presentation was cancelled on Monday because of IP concerns.


Skydive motion monitoring (slides, .pdf)
Matt Leonard

Jumptown is business built and operated by the Massachusetts Sport Parachuting Club (MSPC) in the late 1980s. MSPC was developed as collegiate skydivers graduated from the University of Massachusetts Sport Parachuting Club (UMSPC) and wanted to continue that group and community with their fellow skydivers. Jumptown now teaches and aids the growth of future generations of skydivers through the AFF program, as well as giving the one time thrill through tandem skydives.

Possible projects include developing a system or suit that an individual would put on that would monitor body movements, for learning body position and learning advanced flying techniques in free fall, or the development of a better timing system for competitive canopy piloting.


Pediatric eye care (slides, .pdf)
Dr. David Hunter and Justin Shaka

Dr. David Hunter, a pediatric eye surgeon, has a problem. More than one problem, and they are 2 and 3 and 4-year-old problems—in the form of his preschool pediatric patients.

These children need to have their eyes checked, but kids don't like eyedrops, they can't read letters, and they won't listen to instructions. But if Dr. Hunter doesn't get a good eye exam, so that he can treat eye conditions when they develop, his young patients can permanently lose sight. That's why he used his EE and optics background to engineer a solution, the Pediatric Vision Scanner, a laser eye scanner that can pick up eye problems before a child can read an eye chart, and he founded a company (REBIScan) to develop and market the idea.

In this session, Dr. Hunter will describe the problem and solution to date and then open it up to brainstorm about other problems he faces trying to get kids the vision-saving eye exams they need.


Hunter's apparel (slides, .pdf)
Katarzyna Schoewe (Kat), Design Director
Under Armour

Empowering athletes everywhere, Under Armour delivers the most innovative sports clothing, athletic shoes & accessories. The hunter's pack: to many things to carry; can my pack become a blind?


Sustainable outdoor adventure (slides, .pdf)
Karen Blom, Public Relations & Owner
Abby Lessels, Zip Guide
Zoar Outdoor

"We inspire people to experience sustainable outdoor adventures that build strong communities"

Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours located in Charlemont, Mass is considering adding an adventure element to its existing course. Presently the course consists of 11 zip lines, 3 rappels and 2 sky bridges, and is divided into 3 sections with 2 short hikes between. The course has been operating efficiently for 5 years from a logistics and technological standpoint.

Zoar Outdoor would desire new adventure elements to the courses to keep things fresh for repeat customers. Any new adventure element would need to fit into the existing program structure, participant requirements and staffing needs, but could add on to any of the present cable lines, platforms or natural landscape along the course.