3-Ideas Presentation Setup Logistics

The 3-ideas poster presentations are scheduled during class.

If you plan to plot your posters using the 2.009 plotter, we will be arranging a plotter schedule for the day before the presentation. There is also a schedule for practice sessions with the communication instructors.

Your section should have one, two, or three presenters prepared to give 40 second summaries of the ideas. An equal amount of time should be devoted to each idea.

A two-minute time limit will be strictly enforced for each section — so if one presenter uses all two minutes for one idea, there will be no time to present the other ideas from your section! Your communication instructor will be happy to help you prepare. Over the term we would like everyone on your team to present at least once. If you are not sure about your public speaking, the 3-ideas presentation is a good opportunity for you.

Please make sure your section's posters and presenters arrive no later that 1:00. The best approach is to leave your posters in Pappalardo lab after plotting and we will bring them to class for you. We will be mounting the posters in the classroom once we can enter the room. We will provide the mounting arrangements but please be prepared to help with setup if needed.