2.009 Product Engineering Processes

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The registration for lab sections closes at 5 pm on Saturday, September 12. If you miss this deadline, you will be assigned to the smallest lab section.

The lab section/team assignments will be posted on the course website by 8:00 PM on Sunday, September 13.

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If your schedule changes before the lab section signup deadline above, please fill out this part of the form again (along with your name and username above). Your most recent submission will be used to assign you to a lab section.

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If you were unable to choose 3 lab sections, please describe your conflict (i.e., specify conflicting class, etc.) with each unchosen lab section in the space below. If explanations are not provided, we will assume that there are not conflicts.

We would like to create well-rounded and balanced teams. Therefore, please tell us about your level of experience with each of the following. The point of the class is to learn new things, so don't be concerned if there are areas in which you do not have much experience.

Experience Level
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product design
solid modeling
design sketching
graphic design software
(e.g., illustrator/photoshop)
engineering analysis
video editing
software programming

During the term, teams may want to visit off-campus clients or pick up materials from stores.
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I am considering 2.009 alternatives and do not know yet which class I will likely take.

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