2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Results from the Mockup Review

To view a section's presentation and provide feedback, click on the links provided below.
Click on the team page for the presentation materials and review forms.
The feedback page consolidates all written comments for each concept.

Each concept will be reviewed by at least 3 different course staff members. You will receive feedback no later than the end of Monday.

Blue A

Smooth Talker

Purple A


Blue B

Smart Can Safe Ryde

Purple B

Music Mitt

Green A


Red A


Green B


Red B


Orange A

Mason Frame

Silver A

Silent Shout

Orange B


Silver B

Magnetar FireSense

Pink A


Yellow A


Pink B


Yellow B


Please do not make your final product selection before your lab next week. PLease use the time to consider the more details feedback you will receive over the next few days, to conduct additional tests or experiments with your mockups, and to make sure that you will have enough information to make an informed final concept selection.

The goal is not to prepare for a contest, but to be in a position to make a wise product decision. Be open to new insights and changing your mind. If your lab is towards the end of the week and you feel you cannot wait, please make arrangements so that your instructors can be observers/facilitators for the decision process.

A scoring out of 10, based on the average of 34 reviewers that attended, is provided below. 10 was defined as outstanding, 8 commendable, 6 good, and 5 marginal. This score is not your grade and should not be used as a criterion to determine your project selection. Also, remember that the main goal of the mockup stage is to learn the things needed to have a successful project at the end of the term, and to have an authentic product development learning experience.

The scores require interpretation... At MIT we are biased to appreciate hardware. Opinions about key risks can vary considerably, but when the product specifications become more precise, both feedback and appreciation of achievement becomes more targeted. Good work may not have been clearly communicated, or taking on too many tasks may have resulted in not having the time to prepare and demonstrate what was accomplished. The notes from class attempt to offer additional insights.

Reviewer scores (mockup execution, analyisis/risks)
Do not use the ranking as a metric for choosing your concept! The ranking is an impression based on many presentation factors, and presentations with a lower ranking could easily have greater potential as a product. Use the feedback you receive, and perceived pros and cons for the concepts as information to make an informed decision. The goal is to have a successful product at the end of the term.

longer bars indicate better scoring