2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Observation Exercise Assigned Locations

The list below indicates who signed up for where, in case you want to coordinate or make an observation team as described in the observation/user studies tutorial. An enthnography primer might also be of help. You can obtain an individual's email address through the MIT directory. See the submission instructions.

This page is updated immediately when observation excercise signups are submitted. Hit "Refresh" to be sure you are seeing the most recent version or try the https which skips the Akamai cache.

location section observer
an airport Blue AAlaisha Alexander
Red ACaroline Liu
a bike ride/trail Blue AJocelyn Lorrey
Green AIshan Meswani
Green BJD Heyns
Orange BBibit Bianchini
Pink AMichael Larson
Pink BLaura Treers
Silver AEthan Stark
Silver BZoe Hinton
Yellow AAnnie Dai
Yellow BCutter O'Connell
Boston public market Blue AEmma DeSoto
Orange AHannah Rudoltz
Red ARichard Huizar
a community center Purple BMax Evans
Silver BPearl Willmer-Shiles
a doctor's office Green AEmily Damato
Red AKathy Guerra
Red BTammy Wu
Silver AMatt Nicolai
a festival Blue AJuan Angulo
Silver ACameron Arnet
Yellow AEleni Pitses
Yellow BJames Roggeveen
a fire station Orange BEmmanuel Fasil
Purple BRob DiSanto
Red BKevin Morrow
Silver ANate Johnson
Silver BJacob Del Priore
an ice cream shop Blue BEmily Young
Green ADonovan Sienkiewicz
Green BJeremy Bogle
Orange ALauren Futami
Pink ARima Das
Pink BLindsay Epstein
Purple AJulia Rue
Purple BKyle Pina
Red AMegan Thai
Red BZoe Lu
Yellow AAaron Lytle
Yellow BStephen Gaffley
a live performance Green BYasmin Chavez
Orange AGarrison Snyder
Pink BOr Oppenheimer
Red BMelissa Gianello
Yellow AJoe Taglic
Yellow BArden Marin
a museum Blue AAndrew Hall
Blue BElaine Kwan
Green ALucia Liu
Orange ARichard Ibekwe
Pink BCaralyn Cutlip
Purple BMarcus Urann
other Blue AJani Adcock (A communal living house)
Blue BAlexandra Shade (gym)
Blue BCody Bratten (library)
Blue BDan Rigobon (coffee shop)
Blue BFano Razafindrakoto (subway)
Blue BTy Ingram (local community garden)
Green AKatherine Paseman (Apple Orchard)
Green BAnika Yasmin (campus party)
Green BCharles Ezeugwu (has not attended any lab, class, or team meeting... probably)
Orange ACam Douglas (a park & a ride/bike trail)
Orange AMohsen Alowayed (a dentist's office)
Orange BKyler Kocher (a sporting event)
Purple AAmanda Lee (open air farmers' market)
Purple AAmelia Bryan (train station)
Purple BAriela Slutsky (The Gym)
Purple BDaniel Carballo (The ATR)
Purple BNiki Mossafer Rahmati (A Fraternity)
Silver BBilly Ruschel (Various dorms)
Silver BDrew Beller (Central Square)
Silver BEduardo Orozco (Harvard Bridge)
Silver BJack Simmons (Classrooms)
Silver BMitch Turley (Weight Room)
Yellow AStephanie Diaz (a movie theater)
Yellow BAnnie Chen (Boston Public Library)
a park Blue BMike Forstmann
Green BJana Saadi
Orange BAnn McInroy
Pink AShirley Lu
Pink BMaxine Lartey
Purple ARyan Prinster
Red AKevin Leonardo
Red AWei Xun He
Red BJustin Herald
Silver ASherri Green
Yellow BAya Suzuki
a shopping mall Green BLiza Gaylord
Orange BDaysi Gomez
Pink ANenye Anagbogu
Pink BAlonzo Lopez
Red ALauren Luo
Red ATina Wang
Red BClaire Robinson
Silver AKatelyn Sweeney
Silver BMarisa Rozzi
Yellow AJohn Bell
Yellow BSam Ravnaas
South Station Orange AAndrea Gonzalez
Orange BAllison Kaslow
Orange BHugh Day-Williams
Pink ASam Van Cise
Purple ADavid Bustillos
Red BMoiz Imam
Yellow AKevin Palisoc
Yellow BTravis Libsack
a supermarket Blue AJustin Chiu
Blue BJessica Chen
Green AAndres Galindo
Green BEric Ponce
Orange AAmanda Lowery
Pink ACathy Sun
Pink BJuan Romero
Purple AKolby Danner
Red BAlicia Lai
Silver ASofi Peterson
Silver BTim Lu
Yellow AKaren Fan
Yellow BLauren Gulland
the freedom trail Orange BSiena Scigliuto
Pink AEvan Brown
the seaport Green AMary Thielking
the swan boats Green AGreg Cartagena
Pink BColin Webb
Yellow ARyan Gulland
a tourist attraction Green APelkins Ajanoh
Orange ASam Resnick
Pink ANick Martin
Purple AAlli Davanzo
Purple BIzzy Lloyd
Red AYara Azouni
Silver AHind Saleh
a workshop/machine shop Blue ARuben Peinado Estrada
Green BJosh Woodard
Pink AJane Fessenden
Pink BElliot Owen
Purple ATrang Luu
Red BDavid Favela
Silver AOlivia Struckman
a zoo or aquarium Silver ASteven Browne