2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Peer Review Instructions


Before completing the peer review, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with your teammates efforts. A good approach is to review the design notebook highlights that have been posted on your team page. The notebook pages can also be accessed directly from the peer review forms.


You are in charge of dispensing compensation for your team. Your budget is 1000 bonus points per team member and you are free to distribute this reward in anyway that you see fit. You are being asked to make a general decision on the performance of your peers. In addition to the bonus allocation, your comments are extremely important for adjusting team member behavior, so please spend some time and be constructive.

The on-line form

The online form is intended to make the review process easy and discreet. Each of your section or team members should be listed with a box for the amount you wish to give as his/her bonus (integer bonus points please). There is also a space for comments: what they should do less of, what they should keep the same, and what they should do more of.

Be sure to evaluate your own performance and allocate some of the bonus to yourself.
Review etiquette

Making thoughtful, honest comments is a very important contribution to your teamís performance. You must make an award to each team member (including yourself) and if there is a reason to enter a very large or small number, please make sure to include appropriate comments... a zero with no comment is just mean, not constructive. The form will only allow submission when the bonuses total 1000x the number of members on your team. If you get an error message just adjust the numbers so they add up and try again.

Submission and distribution

Once you successfully submit your peer review, the results are automatically sorted and distributed accordingly, depending on which of the 4 peer reviews is being conducted. You always receive only the reviews that pertain to yourself. Peer reviews are anonymous, your identity will never be revealed to those you are reviewing.

I'm ready to complete a peer review now! Certificates are required.