2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Sketch Model Review

background, key presentation elements, grading, logistics, results

The sketch model review is a more formal presentation to the entire class. It takes place during the evening on the date indicated in the class schedule.

The presentation contributes to a portion of your shared section-wide grade, and all course instructors will participate in the review process. Each lab section (two sections per team) gives a separate presentation. The goal of the presentation is to inform classmates and instructors about concepts that your section is thinking of, and to obtain helpful design feedback early in the process.

You will use feedback from this review to decide which two concepts will be pursued in more detail for the mockup review. The exercise will also help you learn how to present concepts in a formal design review. The word 'concept' is used to imply that we are no longer just proposing big-picture ideas, but we are beginning to flesh out and explore how the ideas might be implemented.

Before working on your sketch models, you may want to review the sketch modeling tutorials.

A video of your presentations will be made available on the course website.

Key presentation elements:
Each section will show well-prepared sketches and/or simple CAD models, along with sketch models for three design concept alternatives. The concepts may be three different product ideas within your team's focused theme, or they could be very different ways of embodying the same concept. Your direction depends on how confident and informed about a particular direction your section feels.

Relevant technical, market, customer needs, and benchmarking data must also be provided. Some examples of sketches and sketch models are provided on the right. You can also view sketch models from other years in the gallery (select a project and then select the sketch models tab). A list of presentation tips and examples (.pdf) has also been prepared by the communication instructors.

Be sure to also check the detailed setup logistics for the presentation.

Key grading criteria are:

  • the ideas (thoughtfulness, clarity, and quality of the design alternatives/design exploration)
  • the models (appropriateness of the sketches, sketch models, CAD models, simulations)
  • research (the relevance and quality of technical, market/benchmarking, and customer needs data).

Instructors will attend the review and meet immediately following the review to discuss each section's work and rank order the presentations. Your section instructor will determine your grade.

After you have received written feedback via email from instructors, complete your milestone reflection in your design notebook.

Please review the detailed presentation logistics carefully.
See results of sketch model review.