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Results of Sketch Model Review

To view the ideas presented by a team section and to provide feedback, click on the links below. Each idea will be reviewed in detail by at least 3 different course staff members.

Blue A the Toy Wash
Hany Hippo
reviewer feedback

Red A

reviewer feedback

Blue B SaniSurf
reviewer feedback

Red B MagneGlasses
PEF Water Purifier
reviewer feedback

Green A Pacer Laser
Step Analyzer
reviewer feedback

Silver A The Ultimate Frisbee
Bit Bot
reviewer feedback

Green B Smart Spot
Broccoli Bike
reviewer feedback

Silver B Mini-Load
Lift Ladder
reviewer feedback

Orange A HUD helmet
Portable CNC Router
reviewer feedback

Yellow A Glow
reviewer feedback

Orange B FallSafe
reviewer feedback

Yellow B Fold and Hold
reviewer feedback

Pink A AFM9000
reviewer feedback

Purple A TerraStretch
reviewer feedback

Pink B The MC2
reviewer feedback

Purple B Firevention
reviewer feedback

If you missed the presentations please be sure to watch the presentation videos linked above. If you were not able to make class on Friday it may be worth looking at the class notes (.pdf) for overall feedback on the presentations.

A 5 tier rank order based on the ideas, models, research and presentation effectiveness is below. The rank order is based on the consensus of 20 course staff members and mentors, resulting from a two hour discussion after the sketch model review. The error bars represent the standard deviation of the mean.

The purpose of ranking is to provide overall feedback that can be used to improve our projects— we want to use the review as a learning opportunity. These results reflect the three minute impression of people not familiar with your projects. While you might not agree with a ranking the results capture the impression of the audience. It is worth looking at the higher ranked projects and thinking about what lead to the positive impressions. If your project has a lower ranking, it may mean the idea was not clearly presented, there were gaps in research, or that there were either concerns or misunderstandings about the idea.

The ranking is not used for the sketch model grade, which is determined by your lab instructor. Also, because there are many presentation factors that can lead to a higher or lower overall ranking—not just the merits of the concept alone—do not use this as a literal score-card for deciding which ideas should be continued.

Overall impression of course staff, rank ordering (1 is highest)