2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Technical Review Logistics

Before the review, the review, after the review

Before the review
If a special location or other arrangements are needed to demonstrate your prototype, please let the course instructor know no later than Friday evening before the review.

You should have a large poster that clearly highlights critical functional specifications (from your product contract). You can schedule a time for help with plotting on Sunday afternoon.

Be prepared to let instructors use your prototype. During the evening, your team will also be asked to give a 5 minute demonstration to be video taped for the website. Your team should plan this demonstration in advance of the review.

Work on the machine shop side of the lab will cease at 4:45 PM, but you will have shop access through to 7 PM.

The review
The review will be in the Pappalardo lab from 7-8:30 PM on the date indicated in the course schedule.

Instructors will divide into 4 small groups and be assigned to different teams. Every 15 minutes the instructors will switch to a different team according to the schedule below. The rotation will be structured so that you will have 15 minutes on, then 15 minutes off. In total, you will have four 15 minute review sessions.

There needs to be space to let instructors use the prototypes, so students not involved in the review need to avoid crowding the team workspace. There should be team members present to demonstrate/answer questions and at least one person to record notes during the review.

A 5 minute video of you demonstrating your prototype will be taken during one of your breaks.

More details will be available shortly before the review.

After the review
Notes recorded during the review should be disseminated to the team for consideration when prioritizing improvements before the final presentation. Additionally, your review materials and video will be posted on the course website, and you will receive written feedback from at least 3 course staff. After you have received written feedback via email from instructors, complete your milestone reflection in your design notebook.