2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Information Treasure Hunt


The information treasure hunt is an important activity early in the course schedule. You will work with your section mates for the first time, finding information similar to what will be needed to research your new product ideas (in preparation for the 3-ideas presentation). It should help you get started in finding information relevant to the project theme.

The learning goal is to familiarize yourself with different information resources and search techniques. It will help you to develop your secondary research skills and it will give you practice organizing your team quickly... in particular task delegation and coordination.

The treasure hunt is time constrained. This will help your team learn how to mobilize quickly when problems arise, and to delegate strategically considering both the skills needed for the task and different schedule constraints faced by team members.

Like most treasure hunts, prizes will be awarded.

Please review the detailed instructions carefully.
See results from the information treasure hunt.
Read the questions and answers.