2.009 Product Engineering Processes

Results of the Information Treasure Hunt

The score for each section is shown at the bottom of the page.

In addition to helping your section jump start secondary research, the treasure hunt activity also provided some useful insights that are generally true about design: using the right tool can often make a task much more efficient, and; often the simplest and cleanest approach to achieve the desired outcome is the best solution—don't embrace complexity for the sake of complexity.

The top sections:

  • incorporated the questions into their response
  • provided all of the requested information
  • provided correct, consistent citations
  • provided a nicely formatted, easy to read document
  • used library resources and asked for help!

The lower performing sections:

  • did not provide complete citations in the correct format (library locations, call numbers, page numbers)
  • included internal team notes in the submission
  • provided incorrect information or were missing information
  • answered questions not assigned to their section
  • did not fully take advantage of resources prepared to help with the task.

The treasure hunt can be an early indicator of your team's culture. If your section came up a bit short, reflect upon what didn't go as well as hoped and what might be done differently in the future.

Also, see the recommended information source/answers for each hunt question.