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Results of the Information Treasure Hunt

The score for each section is shown at the bottom of the page.

The first team to submit was red b (6:24 PM Wednesday). The team with their results formatted the best for the client was orange a.

The top sections:

  • incorporated the questions into their response
  • provided all of the requested information
  • provided correct, consistent citations
  • provided a nicely formatted, easy to read document
  • found more than one source to verify their answers

The lower performing sections:

  • did not provide complete citations in the correct format (library locations, call numbers, page numbers)
  • often searched more challenging sources such as journals when information was readily available in handbooks
  • provided incorrect information or were missing information
  • did not fully take advantage of resources prepared to help with the task.

The treasure hunt can be an early indicator of your team's culture. If your section came up a bit short, reflect upon what didn't go as well as hoped and what night be done differently in the future.

Also, see the recommended information source/answers for each hunt question.