2.009 Product Engineering Processes

2.009 team mentors

We are very grateful to our team mentors who volunteer their time each week to provide outside expertise during team meetings.

All mentors can be reached by email using the general general mentor mailing list.
Mentors for a specific can be reached by email using team mentor lists.
To reach individual mentors please see the appropriate team page (linked in the team column below, MIT certificates required).



Mentor Company Area of expertise
Red T(2-5) Chris Saulnier
MIT Mechanical engineering, design education
  Brent Boswell
Motiv Product design, mechanical engineering
  James McGee
Motiv Product design
  Grace Li MIT Product design
Green T(7-10) Nava Haghighi MIT Product design
  Jeff Senez Atlas devices Industrial design
  Ben Nahill Lincoln labs Engineering design
  Joyce Tu Cambridge Consultants Industrial design, medical products
  Grace Connors   Product design
  Jim Hewitt Dorel Juvenile Product design, mechanical engineering
  Maria (Rosa) Ruiz   Product design
Blue T(7-10) Eurah Ko Smithwise Mechanical engineering
  Brady Knight Spyce Rapid prototyping, robotics, electronics
  Spencer Boone Altitude Product design
  Dan Schuette Lincoln labs Research and Development
  Fernando Nunez   Product design
  Nat Jeyachandran Altitude Product design
  Jeff Mekler Essential Product design
  Georgia Van de Zande MIT Product design
Yellow W(2-5) Naomi Zabel SharkNinja Design for prototyping and manufacture, user interactions
  David Tardiff Lincoln labs Mechanical Design
  Arin Rogers Acorn Product Development Mechanical engineering
  Sarah Southerland Top Flight Technologies Consumer Electronics and Design for Manufacturing
Pink W(2-5) Shreya Dave Via Separations Product design
  Aaron Rose MIT Prototyping electronics
  Chris Kearney Atlas devices Mechanical engineering, CNC machining, prototyping
  Siri Belton Atlas devices Mechanical engineering
  Landon Carter MIT Product design
Orange W(7-10) Nate Phipps Harvard/Wyss Industrial design
  Jessica Artiles EXPLOStudio Design education
  Danielle Class Portal Instruments Technical project and product management, medical devices
  Christiana Rosales Nucleus Scientific Human factors, brand strategy
  Dabin Choe Harvard/Wyss User testing, mechanical design
  Amy Loomis Altitude Design research, early stage prototyping, soft goods prototyping
  Elina Hu Toast Product design process, user experience research, project management, business case/market analysis
Purple Tr(9-12) Robin Miller   Mechanical design
  James Penn MIT Mechanical design
  Rebecca Smith JustMilk Project management, user studies, graphics
  Audrey Bosquet MIT Product design
  Jessica (Jialin) Shi Tactile Mechanical design
Silver Tr(2-5) Mariya Sitnova Emulate User research and experience design
  Douglas O Sanchez Tulip Digital Product Design, Branding, Manufacturing
  Chris Evans Cooper Perkins Mechanical Engineering
  Loren Wood Lincoln labs Engineering design
  Chuck Xia MIT Product design