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Build challenges and other experiments

Each year new class experiments are conducted to illustrate a processes, technique, or concept related to product development. Since 2005, on-line journals or videos have been prepared for some of the highlights.

2018 Race to rescue the dangles! Enjoy the build plans.
2018 gorilla and banana 2009
Gorilla and banana demonstrate inattentional blindness!
2017 Defeat Dr. Defective and free Product Man. And yes, the vehicle plans are online too.
2016 All the thinks you can think! Save the fish from the frozen pond. Checkout the vehicle plans!
2015 You've been turned into frogs! Once upon and idea. See the plans for lily pad hopping devices.
2014 Traverse hot lava to "save" the ancient tomb (.mov, 170 MB). See the vehicle build plans.
2013 Healthy lifestyles! Fun, multi-person human-powered vehicles (.mov 70 MB, .mov 215 MB). See the vehicle build-plans.
2012 Global warming and the snowball battle to claim the Northwest passage! (.mov 35 MB, .mov 350MB). See the ball launcher plans.
2011 Bird launchers of the angry type (.mov 30 MB, .mov 863 MB). See the design sketches and patterns for the 2.009 birds. Also, see the bird cannon at the final presentations!
2010 The history of fire! (.mov, 34.6 MB, 6 minutes). Also, check the design drawings. You can also download the full resolution video (.mov, 370 MB) or a high resolution 3 minute shorter compendium (.mov, 155 MB).
2009 Hovercraft, the future is now! (.mov, 14.5 MB). You can also download the full resolution video (.mov, 656 MB).
2008 walk on water 2008 Walking on water (.mov, 96.5 MB). You can also download the full resolution video (.mov, 401 MB).

2006 steamCannon Archimedes Steam Cannon
Is it possible? Estimation and sketch modeling.
  pony express Demise of the Pony Express
Is a ball relay faster than a horse? Estimation and idea testing.
2005 burning ship thumbnail Archimedes Death Ray
Is is possible? Estimation and sketch modeling.