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All Posters from the Ideas Presentation

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A Ceiling Hydroponics Affordable Therapy Robot Motorcycle Thresher
B DORI Underwater Communication System Rocky Stair Dolly Oscar Portable Trash Compressor
A cordless leash motorcycle thresher smart helmet
B peg leg broccoli bike smart spot
A Handy Hippo Pillmate Sputter
B Stair Assistance Multi-Sport Shoe Self-Cleaning Counter
A Light Cycle Self-Powered Fryer Smart Yoga Mat
B ON-Board Scrap Trap LiquiLevel
A Snooze Pod Clover Falafel Maker Underground Bike Storage
B Mobile Hygiene Station Tabletop Garden Wheelchair-Bed
A Modular EV kit Portable CNC router UV safety sign
B motorcycle thresher thermal sleeve wearable inhaler
A EquiTemp Bed-Slider Inside-out Bottle
B Firevention! Self-Cleaning Cutting Board Forget Me Not
A The Ultimate Frisbee Bit Bot Ball Hub
B Responsive Womb Simulator Outdoor Debris Vacuum Small Load Washer