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Sketch model review! October 2
Summary: 2.009 this week

Team opportunity areas are posted and the feedback forms are online!

Class Wednesday: idea presentation feedback and patents

Project timesheets will be introduced on Wednesday

lab this week (lab 3): From opportunity area to product concepts
- read the notes for lab 3
- physical design notebooks are reviewed in lab. Please be sure to include your milestone reflection after you have received written ideas presentation feedback.
- digital notebook submissions
are due by Thursday 10 PM. If you have logged in to schedule plotting or practice, you have already set your password.

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Of interest: (archive)
Special tutorial: Patent searching 101. Wednesday, September 24, 4-5 pm 14N-132

- clients, users and customers. What's the difference?
- sketch model wind sculpture
- cardboard cameras
- cardboard models

- ball drop. Use mouse to draw
- font size vs. distance for a typical sans serif font

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