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Sketch model review! October 2
Summary: 2.009 this week

Class Wednesday: There is no class in preparation for the Thursday evening sketch model review. Please be sure to read the logistics for the review.

See the sketch model review tips form the communication instructors.

Reserve a time for your section to upload slides to the presentation computer on Thursday afternoon. All sections must reserve a time.

lab this week (lab 4): preparing for the sketch model review
- read the notes for lab 4

Lab will be open 6-9 Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Team officer information form

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Of interest: (archive)
- ride the bus!
- changing behavior. Fun theory
- tomorrow lab, prototypes behind the products
- the shape of ideas
- the design behind...
- making of a go-pro helmet mount

- take the idiot test

- follow and tag 009mit on instagram. When you take a fun/interesting 2.009 picture tag 009mit and #009yourColor