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Final Presentation December 8
Summary: 2.009 next week

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday after Thanksgiving: final presentation logistics, Attendance is required.

Starting on Friday. RSVP for the final presentations!

lab next week: the final push
- notes for lab 13

Team areas will be open Saturday and Sunday, 1-5 PM, if you are in town.

There are extended machine shop hours, 6-9 PM Monday through Friday after the holiday

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Of interest: (archive)
- thanksgiving
the cost of thanksgiving dinner
- how to loose money raising turkeys
- thanksgiving patents
- your demos suck

Register to use the PDL 35-307 overflow space. You must have agreed to the terms of use and be on the registered user list to work in the PDL.

follow and tag 009mit on instagram. When you take a fun/interesting 2.009 picture tag 009mit and #009yourColor