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Assembly review! October 28 and 30
Summary: 2.009 this week

Mockup results. See the compiled feedback!

See the team codes of conduct

Friday class: Design for assembly


lab this week (lab 7): making the decision
- notes for lab 7
- after deciding, don't forget your team's yoWup! (if you have trouble in chrome, try firefox or safari)
- online design notebook submissions are due. Your instructor may choose to review physical notebooks this week, or defer to next week.
please let professor Wallace know your team's decision.

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Of interest: (archive)
- Ames room! Make one
- what's the trick?
- optical illusions
- motion illusions
- rotating illusion
- Gestalt psychology
- wooden mirror
- B school ethics

- 2.009 build challenge, by Parker Chambers

follow and tag 009mit on instagram. When you take a fun/interesting 2.009 picture tag 009mit and #009yourColor